Formal offer and player selection service agreement
The Gametalk service offers to enter into an agreement based on the conditions laid out in the offer:

1. Customers — computer game players are physical persons.

2. Type of Service — offer a selection of computer game companions who communicate in computer games and arrange game sessions; a conversation club.

3. Native – a game participant who facilitates a conversation during a game. Natives will teach you new words, correct mistakes, conduct a dialogue in a friendly and open manner, they are interested in playing a game and tell you everything you might need; help overcome a language barrier and will not use slang, unless you specifically ask them. They understand that it is a stressful situation for a player on the other side and will help to overcome it to the best of their ability, so that you could begin understanding and speaking a foreign language.

4. The agreement is considered to be valid for an unlimited term, starting from the moment the formal offer is accepted, i.e. filed and an application form is submitted on the web-site.

5. Acceptance of this agreement by the native implies that the native fully agrees with all provisions of this agreement.

6. Starting from the moment of acceptance of this agreement, natives can receive information via e-mail messages.

7. The service company has a right to make amendments to the formal offer and the agreement. Changes come into effect 5 days after the day they were published at the Gametalk.Club web-site.

8. The service has a right to reject to work with a native without specifying a reason.

9. The service offers customers the right to become assistants in learning a foreign language during a collaborative gaming process for those who want to improve their language level, provide feedback, submit requests, but does not provide any other rights.

10. The commission charged by the service is 30% of the amount paid by the customer.

Payments and refund of money

1. The price and formats of gaming sessions are specified in the attachment to the formal offer, at

2. Customers pay for the selected gaming session plans on a cashless basis.

3. The number of gaming hours is defined by the number of pre-paid hours. The service can offer additional bonuses at the service's sole discretion.

4. The time of payment is considered the time when money is received in the account of the service.

5. The client is responsible for completion of a payment and for entering correct information.

6. If the payment from the customer is not received due to technical reasons, the service is not obligated to reimburse the native for these gaming hours.

7. The service, the natives, and the customers do not sign any invoices. Completion of payment is a confirmation the acceptance of the service quality.

8. The service can send a reminder to customers regarding a payment to help customers plan their budget.

9. The natives can remind customers about an upcoming payment, for it is in their own interest.

10. If for any reason a customer wants to stop using the service, the unused money for pre-paid hours will be refunded to the customer. This procedure can take up to 30 days.

11. Payments made by the service include only reimbursement for the gaming hours completed by a player at the moment of money transfer, provided there were no complaints or claims from the customer. An hour is considered to be used up if 15 or more minutes of gaming time have passed.

12. Rescheduling and division of gaming hours into 30 minute blocks are at the sole discretion of the natives.

13. Payments are made monthly on the 15th and the 30th day of each month, after deduction of the service commission.

14. The service reserves the right to shift payment dates provided it warns the native about it in advance.

15. If a native stops working with the service, a payment is made in accordance with the general terms on a scheduled payment date.

Liability of the Parties

1. A native agrees upon a convenient schedule with a client.

2. A native keeps a record of the time played with each customer and does not continue to play if stop time if pre-paid hours have been used as well as has the right to warn a client about it, either in advance or at the time when the time expired.

3. A native cannot start a game with a customer before receiving a confirmation of payment by the service. A native must contact a service manager to receive a confirmation.

4. It is prohibited to use conduct gaming sessions as credit. Such gaming hours will not be reimbursed.

5. A native is not authorized to postpone, miss, or cancel a session without an advance notice. If it is necessary to coordinate a schedule, it must be done 24 hours in advance before such changes should take effect.

6. By agreeing to participate in the gaming sessions, natives take upon the responsibility to be punctual with their clients. Natives must be online 10 minutes before the gaming session begins. All necessary equipment must be turned on and games ready for use.

7. Natives must speak correctly, with a clear and easy to understand pronunciation, and ready to adjust the speed of their speech to the level of their game companion.

8. If a gaming session failed due to technical problems experienced by a native, it will not be reimbursed and rescheduled for a later time as a full gaming session.

9. In the event that the set rules are violated or not followed by the native, the service reserves the right to discontinue working with the native unilaterally and without reimbursement for the completed and future gaming hours.

10. If a native agrees to work with his customer directly, then both the native and the customer are banned from the system permanently.

11. Natives are responsible for paying all taxes for the income they have received.

12. The service can utilize services provided by any physical or legal persons to guarantee high quality and timeliness in order to fulfill its obligations.

13. Natives and their customers can make video and audio recordings of their gaming sessions to prove any claims, monitor quality, or simply for personal records.

14. We reserve the right to refuse or continue to provide services, or to cease cooperation with any customer without specifying the reason.

15. A native can file complaint against his customer and refuse to work with a customer if the complaint is justified.

16. A native is obligated not to disclose any confidential information obtained during his work with the service.

17. A gaming session is considered to be completed properly if the service does not receive any notification from a customer that it failed due to a fault on behalf of the native within 10 hours after it's scheduled completion.

18. Payments for gaming hours used by the customer fully or partly will not be refunded.

19. If a customer is not satisfied with the native, the service will do its best to find a new partner for the customer. This procedure can be repeated for up to 3 times.

20. A customer must inform the service about his request to replace a native no later than 48 hours prior to a session.

21. In the event it is not possible to replace a native, the service can offer to put sessions on hold or refund the money.

22. The service provides an opportunity for intensive communication in a foreign language and is not responsible for the quality and speed of the acquired skill. The progress of each student and the ability to improve the speaking level is dependable upon the individual factors, the desire to learn, on the preliminary level, and on the intensity of the sessions.

23. The service does not provide any certificates about the completed gaming sessions, except for those having a decorative character, does not pose itself as a school, or provide any assistance in passing any relevant exams in accordance with any o the existing systems.

24. A customer is fully responsible for selecting a game and must understand that any game requires a licensed software copy and necessary hardware to provide for convenient communication and play. In case there are problems with customers' equipment, we do not refund the gaming hours.

25. A native is not obligated to play any specific games, and collaboration with the customers occurs if a game is of interest to both parties.

26. The service does not provide licensed copies of games, does not provide games as its service, but only recommends games, in which two or more players could meet and most comfortably communicate for the purposes of improving their level of foreign language.

Postponement of gaming sessions and no-shows

1. A native must inform the customer directly about a session that will be postponed no later than 12 hours before the scheduled session time.

2. A customer has the right to postpone a session with the frequency of no more than once a week. If rescheduling occurs systematically, three times a week or more, the service has the right to cancel the agreement on a unilateral basis.

3. A native can reschedule a session based on a valid reason and after informing a customer 24 hours in advance no more than once a week.

4. If a native was unable to connect with a customer at a scheduled time after three attempts and the customer had not informed the native about rescheduling in advance, the session is considered to be completed and will be reimbursed. The start time of the session is considered to be the time indicated on the schedule as a start time.

5. If a client did not receive a call from a native, the client should immediately inform the service. A session missed due to the native's fault will be rescheduled for any other time convenient for the client. A native should not be reimbursed for a missed session until it is completed at a different time convenient for both parties.

6. We are not responsible for inability to provide services due to Internet malfunctions on the customer's side, as well as complications related to computer hardware, the game,interruptions of power supply, and other equipment.

Suspension of sessions. Refusal to continue sessions.

1. A client can put pre-paid sessions on hold for the term not exceeding 3 months, but is obligated to warn a service manager about this decision 24 hours before the session by e-mail or in a chat on the website .

2. After expiration of the 3-months, the service has the right to not refund the pre-paid gaming hours.

3. A customer can opt out of using the remainder of the pre-paid gaming hours, in this case the service will refund the money for the unused hours.

4. A native can refuse to continue sessions and will be reimbursed only for the completed gaming hours.

5. During New Year or other holidays gaming sessions can be put on hold or rescheduled.

Dispute resolution

1. In the case of a dispute, customer must write to chat or send an e-mail message to There is no time limit for resolving a dispute, but the service will always act in the best interest of a customer.

2. It is mandatory to use the alternative dispute resolution procedure before trial. Applicable jurisdiction is Moscow City Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court.

3. None of the parties bear any responsibilities to each other in case of force-majeure circumstances.

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