We love playing games
And want to improve our conversational English.
It is not easy to find a good player and a literate companion.

But we managed to do that.
Our native speakers understand why they are here. They are gamers as well. It is very convenient to combine language practice with playing Battlefield,
Warcraft, or some other game.
In addition to the game itself
You will have an acquaintance (native speaker) from England, USA, or some other country.
Communicate in voice
You call one another whenever you want, and talk while slaughtering enemies, completing quests, or performing cooperative walkthrough.
It's just like a bar talk
There can be any sorts of topics to discuss, just like drinking beer in bar together. A native speaker will help you carry on a dialogue, there will always be things to talk about.
Focus fire!
It is easy and in no way formidable
Simply start playing with a native speaker, you can just listen or exchange short phrases. It is quite enough for the beginning.
Overcoming language barrier
Discuss various topics – starting from game to everyday life. Play in the virtual world and learn new things about the real one. Natives will have lots of interesting things to tell you about their countries and lives.
Flexible schedule
Choose gaming sessions of length suitable for you – whether you want to play an hour, or to spend a whole evening.
It's all comfortable around, everything's OK
Sitting in your armchair at home, playing your favorite game you will be too addicted to realize that you actually are speaking English.
Practice that does not tense you
Basis for steady progress is continuous communication in English. Play your favorite game and improve your skills.
New words
You will fell overwhelming desire to learn new words so that to use them at ease next time!
Just leave us your contact information, and we will contact you to clarify the details.
Communication with us
We will agree on what games you will play, inform you on the possibilities, and discuss your wishes. Then, we will arrange an English-speaking player especially for you so that you have fun!
Payment and "Follow me!"
Gaming sessions of any length at any time
suitable for you.
The games supported by us
For now, there are only the following ones, but we are sure that our service is of highest quality, and that your counterparts are cool. Follow the news or write to us, we will add new games in the nearest future!
Counter-Strike: GO
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 1
BF: Hardline

Explosive action game. There is little time to think, but a lot of action, tactics, and clear objectives.

It will suite those who wish to discuss all sorts of topics.
World of Warcraft
Slow walkthrough, visiting bars, fishing, completing quests. Now you can immerse into the game history altogether.

It will suite thoughtful versatile communication on various in-game topics.
We seek, test, and prepare a companion for you
We meticulously select English-speaking players who speak literately, love gaming, and are always open for friendly help and support.
Native speakers – those who speak English literately.
Discussion and topic self-starters. They can talk slower or repeat their phrases to the necessary extent for you to understand everything completely.
Benevolent and helpful. They will always give you decent support.
Not using slang unless you ask them to.
Yet, we recommend you to do that :)
Discussing the topics you are interested in. There's no boredom in playing and talking!
Correcting you once you make a mistake. Helping you to learn new words. Upon your request, we can find you a companion who understands Russian.
Professional instructors recommend studying for 60 minutes 2-3 times a week. Regular practice will give you confidence and will improve your level. Now is the time to mix business with pleasure.

As for us, we simply recommend you playing everyday :)
Starting practicing
conversational English.
As you get registered, we will contact you to clarify the details.
Become an instructor? Click here.
As you get registered, you accept our formal offer
and agree to share your personal data for processing.
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