Make money from your hobby.
If you are a gamer, loving to communicate with other people, friendly and responsible.

To become a native of our service, help other people to learn a foreign language while playing PC games, just fill in the application form.
Who are the Gametalk service natives?
Lots of people from all over the world want to learn English, whereas you are already happy to possess this skill since birth. Our service combines PC-gaming and conversational language practice for those wishing to improve their skill.

You will play with some other person who needs improving his English. Your objective is to help him to overcome language barrier, to improve his skill, to deal with communication fear, to learn new words, to correct the mistakes, - all those while doing really interesting things in the game.

We are gamers, and we do it for the gamers. Join us!
Flexible schedule
It's you who arranges time suitable for you and coordinate a comfortable schedule with the other gamer.
We will assist and support you in case of any questions regarding cooperation with your gamer companion.
Solid money transfers to your PayPal account once a month for the time you spend playing.
Service fee is 30%
That's comfortable time inside your favorite game, an interesting gamer companion, and all these are transformed into money.
Write to us
Indicate your favorite games, for how long your gaming session lasts, your other hobbies, just tell us about yourself. We will contact you to clarify the details.

You are OK with us, provided you are a gamer, and:
Your native or second language is English.
You have reasonably good hardware and fast Internet connection to communicate without problems.
Your speech is clear and literate, you can carry on dialogue, and are wishful to help and explain things.
You have time and responsibility to follow the arranged schedule.
Each native gets a feedback from the players. It is important to keep your rating positive so that to gain extra money bonuses.
We will contact you after you complete the registration to clarify the details.
As you get registered, you accept our formal offer and agree to share your personal data for processing.
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